Not like she used to..

She doesn’t talk about you anymore.

Not like she used to.

Now, when she hears your name, when someone brings up you..

One of the few of us, who knows about you..

She’ll cringe and look at us with those eyes, those brilliant melancholy eyes of her,

And for a moment even you’ll think that all the sadness of the universe has been forced in to her tiny body.

This one heart is now so fragile and so close to breaking, but..

Then she’ll put on smile..

One that’s so obviously forced, it’s nearly painful to see..

And she’ll change the subject.

But she misses you- I can tell.

Someday she’ll be looking out of window, or daydreaming in the class, and you can tell it’s you she’s think about.

Her eyes go kinda sad and she looks kinda hurt, that’s how I know..

That’s how I figured it out..

She doesn’t just like you..

She loves you.. 

she needs you..

She needs you to care,

You’re the only one who matters anymore..


She doesn’t talk about you anymore.

Not like she used to.


Fourteenth year!!ย 

Fourteenth year,
I am still avoiding those places where we’d been to, 
I am still avoiding to wear those clothes which have your fragrance,
I am still avoiding to think much of you in sleepless nights,
I am still avoiding to mention your name while talking about teenage, 
I am still avoiding to pass through that lane in which you used to stay,
And I am still avoiding crowds
Everyone is someone’s 
And you’re still not mine!!!
Fourteenth year!!

I am Me!ย 

I am not her,

I never could be.

I am ashamed to admit-

I tried to be.

I Tried to water myself down,

But I am not submissive or compliant.

Your shadow was a dismissal place to look for warmth and my bones crave the salt and sea.

You wanted an accessory..

An umbrella in your cup so the world would notice you drank while sunning yourself.

Fruity drinks are not my thing.

I Much prefer my Jack,

Straight up in clear glass.

You found out pretty quickly that j am not a garnish, 

I am not her,

I am not accessory,

I am the real thing,

I am me.. 


A place where I love to drift!ย 

Every night when I close my eyes,

I began to drift to a place,

Where you and I 

Share the same place.
A place where we have 

Each other’s backs.

Where you make me stop 

And think and consider,

A perspective I never 

Would have.

A place where it became 

too much for you,

The stress, the worry,

And the fear too..

And I see through it all,

And strip it all away 

And put you back in place.

Every night that’s a place I drift to.

Future plans!!ย 

In twenty years from now,

I don’t want to be just another name,

In twenty years from now,

I still want to be a part of your life. 

In twenty years from now,

I want someone to stop you on the streets,

Ask you how are you doing,

And bring up my name..

In twenty years from now,

I don’t want your answer to be

”  havnt seen her in ages ”

In twenty years from now,

I hope you say,

Oh! She’s waiting for me back home!! 


I’ll being seeing you soonย 

Right now you’re a sleep,

But oh how I wish was there.

Stroking your back and 

Running my fingers 

Through your hair.

Our legs tangled,

Together beneath the sheets,

As I gently trace,

My fingers along your lips

While counting 

Each and every eyelash..

And there’s so many things,

I could say to you,

About how I want to make plans,

For just you and me.

And how when I look at you,

I see the person who makes

Me realise all the things

I have wanted for so long.

And I know you’re a sleep, 

And you’re miles away,

But I promise darling,

Even if I have to walk,

Brought all your dreams,

I’ll being seeing you soon.  


Discounted feelings!!ย 

I have never been a fan of discounts .


When I loved you,

I loved you 100%.

When I fought,

I was 100% angry.


When I let you go away,

I was 100% sure,

That ~

‘You belongs to someone else’


This heart holds grudges

Like end-of-the-season-sale..

35% broken,

10% doubtful,

15% hopeful,

And rest??

Rest still belongs to you!!

Can’t you offer any better offer?

In which you can



Buy Back

All my feelings,

And change it with brand new of yours!