Summers and Springs

We sat under an old thorn-tree

And talked away the night,

Told all that had been said or done

Since first we saw the light,

And when we talked of growing up

Knew that we’d halved a soul

And fell the one in each other’s  arms

That we might make it whole;

Then he had a murdering look,

For it seemed that he and she

Had spoken of their childish days

Under that very tree.

O what a bursting out there was,

And what a blossoming,

When he had all the summer-time

And she had all the spring..


Happy Birthday

Darling Aanand,

I know you’d be surprised to read this letter because you wouldn’t have ever expected it. It’s slightly bizarre for me to write it as well but I thought I would do this since it’s your birthday and the day itself obliges me to think about you, wish you, curse you and thank you (Damn, I can’t think of a single ‘thank you’ that I’d said to you. Yes, am serious).

 I guess God gave his best shot at creating ‘awesome siblings’ when he made you and me. I would not annoy you too much with this letter because I know you wouldn’t enjoy getting emotional about things, especially on your special day; however, you know me. You know how I own one of the sloppiest hearts and how difficult it is for me to ask it to shut up and let my mind do the work. So, what I’ll do is, I’ll remind you of ten of the hundreds of most memorable instances we’ve shared and I know these would make you laugh, get embarrassed, smile, bang your head on the wall and call me up and say- ‘Shit, why did you write that?’ So, here we go! (Cross your fingers)

This is about the time we were kids and I hated tagging you along with me when I went out to play with my friends. So, I would lock you in the house while you slept in the afternoons and leave for all the fun. Mind it I was not an EVIL.
You were the most brilliant brother because you would help me study. Haha I know that’s funny but whenever I studied (till I was probably forteen and you were four) I made you sit right next to me and listen to all the stories of my History, Geography, Science and Literature text books. You took interest in all the crap and then one day, you grew up and you stopped listening.

I still remember how I gifted you a ‘Slam Book’ for your 4th or 5th  birthday because I knew you would never use it and eventually it would be mine.

We both loved watching WWE and we would even have wrestling matches on the bed where as a rule I threw you on the floor and won. This continued only till i was nineteen or twenty and I could bully you because after that we stopped the matches as I had started losing…

Then, there was this time when a dog bit me and you were oh! So excited because you thought I would turn into something with magical powers like Spiderman (oops Woman) over night.

I think I need to thank you for one big thing you taught me in life- ‘Watching Cartoons.’ Yes, I probably am still so hooked to ‘cartoons’ because of you. FYI, you gave us a tough time with Noddy and Pokemon. Also, you made the entire family hate #MukeshKhanna. I can’t forgive you ever for marking me feel so uncomfortable with that bizarre #ShaktimanCostume, by wearing it on every occasion or on every dress-freedays in school.

Hey! Mittal-Shital were my all time favourite.. they are the only one who can drag you to your school.

For one phase in life, when I was literally free.. I even ‘worked’ for you. I used to write your assignments and projects while you relaxed just because I wanna try my ability to write in anyone’s handwriting.. but I stopped doing that when I wrote thirty long pages for your SS assignment that too in Diwali vacation and you were least bothered to say thank you even..

I am in love with your wired and sometimes lethal sense of humour and am a fan of your timing..

Hahaha, that Bhavnagar incident just popped up in my memories.. #DhulneDhefa!!

Now, here comes the very last and final thing of this list. I accidentally read the messages you exchanged with a girl and you texted her like a gentleman. (I couldn’t stop myself from reading those). #^*% I was shocked to see you could write such wonderful things. So whether you were hitting on her or being her friend or whatever, that day I just knew- ‘Ah! He is my brother, after all.’ 

And yes! Sorry for making you cry every now and than by saying ‘poor Adopted child’

When you said that you wanna drop your commerce study and pursue your passion- Photography/Cinematography, I was the one who opposed. I thought you supposed to do what is mainstreem.. as in this field one can’t stand out without any GODFATHER- but you proved me wrong, thank you for not listening to me. I am proud of your achievements.. 

Now, I finally wish you a very Happy Birthday and thank you for being the best brother ever. You have been a best friend, a parent, a sibling, a foe, a driver, a pet, an admirer, a child, a clown, a teacher, a ‘listener’ and everything a person could be and you have been incredible at all these roles. I am blessed to have you in my life 🙂

Happy Birthday!

With Love,

Ohw yes

P.S: I know I am the best’est’ sister you could possibly have too..

P.P.S: Message me what present you need for your birthday. You would defiantly be disappointed..


(Your the most loving, caring and genuinely gunius sister)

Die old with Me.

Die old with me.


Beneth the old ashoka tree.

While the last summer sun sets,

Grow grey with me slowly..

As calendar days glide to the floor 

No pomp and circumstances,

No final words,

Just two people, 

who spent a life,
Loving each other,

Hanging on for earth’s final turn,
Hanging on for earth’s final spin.

Die old with me.
But before that 

Live at fullest with me.

Not like she used to..

She doesn’t talk about you anymore.

Not like she used to.

Now, when she hears your name, when someone brings up you..

One of the few of us, who knows about you..

She’ll cringe and look at us with those eyes, those brilliant melancholy eyes of her,

And for a moment even you’ll think that all the sadness of the universe has been forced in to her tiny body.

This one heart is now so fragile and so close to breaking, but..

Then she’ll put on smile..

One that’s so obviously forced, it’s nearly painful to see..

And she’ll change the subject.

But she misses you- I can tell.

Someday she’ll be looking out of window, or daydreaming in the class, and you can tell it’s you she’s think about.

Her eyes go kinda sad and she looks kinda hurt, that’s how I know..

That’s how I figured it out..

She doesn’t just like you..

She loves you.. 

she needs you..

She needs you to care,

You’re the only one who matters anymore..


She doesn’t talk about you anymore.

Not like she used to.

Fourteenth year!! 

Fourteenth year,
I am still avoiding those places where we’d been to, 
I am still avoiding to wear those clothes which have your fragrance,
I am still avoiding to think much of you in sleepless nights,
I am still avoiding to mention your name while talking about teenage, 
I am still avoiding to pass through that lane in which you used to stay,
And I am still avoiding crowds
Everyone is someone’s 
And you’re still not mine!!!
Fourteenth year!!

I am Me! 

I am not her,

I never could be.

I am ashamed to admit-

I tried to be.

I Tried to water myself down,

But I am not submissive or compliant.

Your shadow was a dismissal place to look for warmth and my bones crave the salt and sea.

You wanted an accessory..

An umbrella in your cup so the world would notice you drank while sunning yourself.

Fruity drinks are not my thing.

I Much prefer my Jack,

Straight up in clear glass.

You found out pretty quickly that j am not a garnish, 

I am not her,

I am not accessory,

I am the real thing,

I am me.. 


A place where I love to drift! 

Every night when I close my eyes,

I began to drift to a place,

Where you and I 

Share the same place.
A place where we have 

Each other’s backs.

Where you make me stop 

And think and consider,

A perspective I never 

Would have.

A place where it became 

too much for you,

The stress, the worry,

And the fear too..

And I see through it all,

And strip it all away 

And put you back in place.

Every night that’s a place I drift to.