Bus Stop

Have you ever waited at the bus stop?

Not for the bus but for someone special. I did.in college days. when the bus arrived at 8:20 that day, I wondered why was he late? I had time. I decided to wait a little longer. At 8:35, rush grew, but still no sign of him, I got engrey. We weren’t dating. Hell, I even havnt set next to him ever in the bus. When ever I see him I just look at him from the corner of my eye. I got anxious. I started pacing, stared at my wristwatch, and worry in between. 
Then, there was he. 

Leaning against the pillar, just behind me, smiling at me. He walked towards me, stood awfully closed and said, you’re always on time, 8:10 right??

And his smile reflects over my lips.



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