The Good Girl never Wins.

“Hide your eyes darling, people can see your heart through them.” ~ Unknown

Sometimes it seems like the good girl never wins.
For now, let’s put away the insurgence of opinions about girls versus women because it doesn’t matter which term we use. Whether it’s women or girls—the good ones, it seems, are often found at home with broken hearts.
We believe in hope and in love, and so we conduct ourselves with a purity of passion and the belief that if we love as we are meant to, then eventually that love will be returned.
We are good.
Not because we aren’t a little bad from time to time, but because there is an innocence about us that keeps us doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We give all that we have, and then some. We smile for others even when inside our hearts shudder with pain.
When we believe no one is watching, we let our eyes flood with all of the feelings we are too scared to speak of. We don’t like to cause others pain and it seems, inadvertently, we find ourselves hurting from the task of being too good. 
There’s no drama or inconsistency with us, as we are as loyal and committed as they come.
We don’t need someone else to fill us up or to reassure us of our place in this world and so we seem like we are always okay. We let others keep thinking that if they left, we will be just fine—because it seems that we always are.

It’s this badge of falsified self-sufficiency that ends up being our downfall.
The good girl loves wholly and fully.
Unabashed in her divine feminine energy, she doesn’t wish to play games or to pretend that she doesn’t just love—but she feels. She kisses the sun and spreads her legs for only the moon, smiling for even the chance to be the light for someone else.
She’s good—and she’s fine.
Yet, somewhere in between it all good seems never good enough. It’s overpowering, possibly overwhelming in its essence of unconditionality because it’s often easier to disbelieve in the magic of love than it is to believe in its reality.
The problem is that she’s become too good at pretending.
By placing everyone else’s happiness above her own, and spreading her energy so far that she herself becomes drained, she finds herself never being able to actually ask for the one thing that it is she wants. Someone to see that it’s her goodness that is the most tender aspect of her heart. Although it seems steadfast, the reality is, it needs protection.
The good girl is just hoping one day someone will want to protect her from the very thing she fears the most—getting hurt.


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