A short story
Karma is a bitch🍭
It was around ten years back, she took a call to leave her cushy job with a Government organisation and decided to get into full time writing. She was not enjoying the mundane affairs, felt caged in the bureaucratic setup. Her words and writings were restricted to making notes on the green sheet which got lost in the infinite piles of paperwork.
She started getting opportunities to write articles every now and then and that’s how she came in contact with me. 
We did many assignments together, she gave words, meaning and description to my photographs. Since the assignments were not regular and money even more irregular, a stable job with a publication was always on her mind. 
During one of the assignments she got to know that the editor of a particular publication is an acquaintance of mine, she requested me to put a word across. 
I mentioned her when I met the editor next time.
And straight away his first question was:
Is she beautiful? 
I kept quiet. 
And I lied to her that there is no opening but actually this publication was expanding and they were looking for people who could write well.
After some time, she got a job with a leading publication and over the years rose through the ranks and became editor because of her excellent writing skills, sincerity and hard work. 
A few months back, she called to check the credentials of a person who she was interviewing for a job in her publication. 
And to my surprise this person was none other than the same editor who was quite concerned about the beauty of prospective subordinate.
She asked me:
What do you think of him ?
And this time I choose not to stay quiet. 
Disclaimer: Though this is a piece of fiction but resemblance to certain people in real life is not ruled out.

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