Chivalry – simple or complex to understand?

Chivalry – 

What does it mean? What I know is  “The methods of training and standards of behavior for knights in the Middle Ages. The code of chivalry emphasized bravery, military skill, generosity in victory, piety, and courtesy to women. (Compare courtly love.)

For me chivalry means the system of values – loyalty and honour. 

Yes, I trained my child in such manner that he never hurt any girl around him. He is very generous and polite to girls (sense every girl as classmates, schoolmates, neighbors) he always behaves decently, appreciating him not only as he’s my son, but he genuinely does.

But does this generation of society deserves such genuinely good hearted people?!?

Today, I come to hear, that one of my Non-Gujju (UPite) friend’s (should I call her friend even!?) daughter is calling him – Bhondu. Why? Because- he never use slang, bad words, He never beats his  friends, he never teases his classmates whether a boy or girl. He’s taking part of mostly all the extracurricular activities. And He’s good with studies and sports too. Yes, he too is playful, prankster but with his best buddies. These qualities earn hina bhondu title.

And How’s that girl is? Avarage in studies, and extracurricular activities, and behaviour vise? Pathetic. Heard her, using all the false words. M&@₹)((;;)& bh₹&@)(;., chh₹&@&&, etc. etc.. are common in every dialogue. 

I really feel concern and called her mom to let her know, as seems her daughter can’t be such bad mouth. And making such statements in front of class. As knowing mother since so long- Pooja path and fasting,vrat-Pooja yeh-woh, 

I awash doubting my ears that her daughter can’t be so rude and misbehaved. But surprisingly got answer from mom is -‘ इसमैं ग़लती (mentioned his husband’s name)की हैं, वहीं इस्तेमाल करते है ऐसे वर्ड्ज़! पर तुमने क्या पाला अपने बच्चें को? एकदम लड़की बना दिए हो क्या? तुम है ना एक काम करो उसे हमारे यहाँ छोड़ जाओं,(again mentioned her husband’s name) उसे लड़का बना देंगे. और हमारी लड़कीओ को ले जाओं, उसे लड़की की जेसे तालीम दो…
What sense she try to make? जो अपनी बच्ची को ढंग से पाल  ना सके वो हमें सिखायेंगे? My child is respecting each and every one around 


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