I don’t like this darkness anymore’She felt his lips on her shoulder, and felt him tightening her body in his embrace.
‘Hmm’ he purred despondently, he creased her hair tried to improvise the storm of his feelings.
Outside, the night was inundated by moonlight. But for him she is the only moon who illuminated the darkness of his life.. she was exquisitely beautiful besides anyone. Her brown thick and silly hairs, her chiseled nose, her pink lips, every single wether of her godly self was wonderful.
‘Am I not beautiful?’ She asked him softly. She knows what would be his answer. ‘The most beautiful girl I have ever seen’.

He planted a passionate kiss on her forehead. She smiled. But his eye reddened, accumulating tears on the surface. He looked at her eyes. How bewitching.
Many years ago-

This couple of brown big eyes had stolen his heart. But one black day, his perfect world got blacked out by pouring deep darkness in to her brown eyes..
The moon who illuminated his world had been tracing the odyssey of relationship though darkness..



There goes the love of my life

Passing by my dreams

It’s been so long since I’ve knocked on his door

Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong

And I can’t sleep 

And I can’t think 

And I will keep driving this long road

Until the darkness fades and the morning rises 

Only three days and lonely nights in between 

I don’t know when can I see him again

It’s been so hard 

Some days I can’t wake up 

Some days I fall apart 

But he has never felt my dreams

There goes the love of my life 

Had to be broken.

I think..

My heart had to be broken.

It had to be.

It had to be once,

Before I met new me,

It had to be.

It was necessary to be reduced to pieces And fragment..

So that I may truly understand all of me..

The whole me. 

The whole new me..

 I had to put it all back together, 

Together in the ways that felt right..

But in that process of doing so,

Unknowingly, subconsciously –

I Was building a heart.

A heart for that you were waiting for so many lives.

She’s everything in once..

She has the mindset of a Queen.And the heart of a Warrior too.

She has the guts of a Sailor.

And the passions of a Scientist too.

She has the ability to keep calm to follow and the power to rule too.

She has the Gipsy soul and skills of building her own nest too.

Believe me!

She is everything at once.

And too much for everyone who doesn’t deserve her.

She is Me and she is you too.. #meera

I hope even you’re thinking about ‘#Me_too’

It’s really awful to see my newsfeed getting flooded by #me_too posts. And I can surely say one thing that there’s not even a single person in this whole female fraternity who hasn’t felt any unwanted touch in her life. 

All of us have to notice some ogling eyes everyday n everywhere! And I learnt with age that – unwanted touch has nothing to do with gender.

And this harrasmeng have many serious sideeffects. Like phycological stress. Emotional outburst. Or one can be emotionless if happens very oftenly. It causes low self respect too..

obviously this post isn’t gonna change the whole scenario. Everything will be the same until mentality of some retarted souls undergo metamorphosis.

One can’t change what happened in past, but one surly can make next gen ready for it. Make your kids aware about good touch and bad touch.

Make them aware about their safe circle. Make them believe that we adults gonna believe them when they rush to us in case of emergency and saying someone have done something wrong to them.
Make them believe you’ll always listen and never feel embarrassed over what they are sharing with you. You’ll stand by them against all odds. You’ll take matter in your hands when they are in trouble… somehow I feel moral of society is going way down then was thinking. 

#Me_Too is nothing to do with #gender 

#Awareness is better thn #Cure.

#Precautions are always #better.


#Goodtouch #Badtouch #BehaviouralIssues 

You’re not what they see..

You’re not what they see..

You’re much more than they see.

You’re not not your age,

Nor the size of clothes you wear.

You’re not your weight,

Or the colour of your hair.

You’re not your name,

Or dimples on your cheeks.

You’re all the books you read,

And all the words you speak.

You’re your croaky morning voice,

And the smiles you tries to hide.

You’re the sweetness in your laughter,

And every tear you’ve cried.

You’re the songs you sing so loudly,

When you know you’re all alone.

You’re the places that you’ve been to,

And the one that you call home,

You’re the things in which you believed in,

 And the people that you love,

You’re the photos in your bedroom,

And the future you dream of.

You’re made of so much beauty,

But it seems that you’ve forget.

When you decided that you were defined,

By all the things you’re not..

Magical she!

The notion of leaving the person we love is bewildering.It’s insane. It’s startling. It’s impossible.

But for her, it is possible. It would only be insane if she stayed. Don’t judge her. Don’t stone her to death. You have to walk a mile in her shoes to understand what she is doing.

She is beautiful, intelligent, sensitive.

She is a full moon in a dark, cold night.

She grabs sand and turns it to stars.
She is magic. She is love itself.
She waited so long to find him. She loved him more than she loves her own skin. But guess what? She left him.
With tears in her eyes and a dagger in her heart, she set him free.
She left him because she wanted more than merely hearing sweet words. She wanted more than a breathtaking lovemaking experience.

Her needs were more than gifts, words and lovemaking.

She wanted to see actions. She craved his presence in every area of her life.
She wanted attention. She wanted to see a meal cooked for her once in a while, no matter how bad it is.
She wanted to be asked what she did in the morning and what she’s up to at night.

She wanted to be taken out on a date.

She wanted to be given a red rose once in a year.

She wanted to simply “exist.” To be listened to. To be appreciated. To be adored.

She wanted to be the one and only woman in his life.
She is an island to discover. But he never tried to land on that island and be lost amidst its trees. He stayed on shore and chose to behold the island from a distance.

With time, that island died. She died. She wasn’t discovered.

She left because she was a book to read and he never bothered to hold that book and surf through its pages. He thought the cover was the treasure. He didn’t know that inside of it lies a whole kingdom of gold.

She felt like a flower that needed constant watering. He forgot to water it every day. The flower withered and died.
Bit by bit, she started losing her light. She turned into a candle that was about to be put out at any moment.

Love is supposed to lift you up, crack your heart wide open, make you happy. All of a sudden, love was making her sad.

She gave and gave, and gave. But she got nothing in return.
She told him what was missing and he heard her; but he never truly listened.

He took her for granted.

He thought she will stay despite all her misery.
He knew that she didn’t care about words, money, cuddling, or a good f*ck. She cared about being with a partner who will share her every thought, every emotion.
A partner who is willing to share her dreams with her. A partner who’s not too busy pursuing his own dreams, thoroughly dismissing hers.
She needed a man whom she wouldn’t consider leaving. She craved a smooth ride where she didn’t have to choose between her man or her happiness.
She wanted a man who “is” happiness.

She left and he didn’t quite understand why she did.

She knew that in a year or two, maybe ten, he will understand. He will look back and realize what what was needed to keep her alive in his arms.
She will always love him for love isn’t framed into a relationship. She tried to save that relationship though, but it was already gone with the wind.

She loves him, but she had to put her self first, for once.

She wants him, but she had to leave.
She left to find the bruised self that she has lost. She will put her back in place, wrap her with a bandage and continue the journey alone.
She left to love herself again, know her self-worth again and turn sand to stars again.
Maybe, just maybe, one day a man will make her his own star, then she won’t have to create stars ever again, for she will become one.