अर्बन वर्किंग वुमन

उसने टेबल से नीचे गिरी हुए पेन को देखा!

उसे फ़्रिज से लौकी निकालते वक़्त हुआ तेज़ दर्द याद आ गया…

पेन ना उठा पाए,

कयी दिनो से उसे बहुत दर्द था

आज ऑफ़िस से लौटते हुए

डॉक्टर से अपॉंट्मेंट थी उसकी,

एक्स॰रे कराया गया,

दवाएँ भी लिख दी गई,

वो थोड़े दर्द और झूठी सी मुस्कराहट के संग उठीं,

तभी डॉक्टर सा’ब बोले – सुनो,

अब और ज़्यादा झुकना मत,

अब और झुकने की

गुंजाइश नहीं

तुम्हारी रीढ की हड्डी में गैप आ गया है

सुनते ही उसे

हँसी और रोना

एक साथ आ गया..

ज़िंदगी में पहली बार

वह किसी के मुँह से

सुन रही थी

ये शब्द …

बचपन से ही वह

घर के बड़े, बूढ़ों


और समाज से

यही सुनती आई है,

झुकी रहना…

औरत के

झुके रहने से ही

बनी रहती है गृहस्थी..

बने रहते हैं संबंध


घर परिवार


झुकती गई

भूल ही गई

उसकी कोई रीढ भी है..

और ये आज कोई

कह रहा है

झुकना मत..

वह परेशान सी

सोच रही है

कि क्या सच में

लगातार झुकने से रीढ की हड्डी

अपनी जगह से

खिसक जाती हैं?

और उनमें

खालीपन आ जाता है..?

वह सोच रही है…

बचपन से आज तक

क्या क्या खिसक गया

उसके जीवन से

बिना उसके जाने समझे…

उसका खिलंदड़ापन,


उसके सपने

उसका मन

उसकी चाहत..



कितना कुछ खिसक गया

जीवन से..

क्या वाकई में औरत की

रीढ की हड्डी बनाई है भगवानने?

समझ नहीं आ रहा उसे,

वो सोचते सोचते घर को निकली,

घर वापस आने पर देखा

पति रेक्लायनर परबैठे न्यूज़पेपर पढ़ रहे है,

बच्चा विडीओ गेम मैं बिज़ी हैं,

सास ससुर चाय के लिए बैठे हैं!!

वो एकबार फिर से ज़ुकी..

वो ज़मीन से न्यूज़पपेर समेट कर,

चाई का खली कप भी लेकर,

कुशन को अपनी जगह पर सज़ा कर

दर्द की लकीरों को

ज़िम्मेदारीयो से छुपा कर

शाम की रसोई मे लग गई.


Boldness is new beauty 

Recently I have seen many of my friends are raising their daughters like princess. And treating sons like-  it’s okey! ‘You’re man!’ ‘Man don’t cry’. With this choice of words Taking their emotions for granted..(that’s another topic on which I will write up on soon, but today let’s talk about rising girls)

I am not against if they are treating their daughters like princess and yes even I do believe that daughters are very precious and special gift to you.. but Don’t raise your daughters like your sons. And sons like adults from very tender age.

As I believed Womanhood has it’s own beauty. If you are the princess of your father, your man, some one’s son is also the prince of parents. don’t expect only that only male of the relationship to tolerate all stupidities all the times.

It’s not always the men’s duty to leave seat for a senior citizen. If you can tolerate ‘menstruation’ and ‘pregnancy’ then traveling uncomfortably becomes a small thing.

Let your princess Work hard, lift weight, let her do her tasks alone, let her gain knowledge about more and more fields, let her walk alone with confidence and let her push her limits. Don’t let her learn to beg for the equality, but make her understand how to establish it.

Teach her not to create a hell for other women around her. Tech her To respect mother-in-law and treat her daughters-in-law like her own daughters.
On other hand teach your kids to not label a woman or man  with simple clothes as ‘behenji’. Western clothes don’t make you superior or slut!

If wearing shorts is a choice then wearing Burqa/Saree /Hijab/ Salwarsuit can also be a choice. Stop judging others by looking at their appearance.

You are strong enough to hold your bags and walk in a sunny day. Don’t behave like a touch-me-not.
If you can earn money then you can spend it too. Don’t depend on your husband or boyfriend to pay all your bills. He is not an ATM.
Remember, Your knowledge of brands doesn’t make you modern, but your education does.

Fair skin is not a privilege but the intellect is. Rather than being a wife of some rich man, you can be a sportsperson, a writer, a doctor, an engineer, businesswoman and what not!

Lastly, I end up with if you’re blessed to have girl child try to make a girl understand from a very tender age this very important lesson for a life
“Boldness is more beautiful than the beauty. So be strong, be bold!”

Abstract short story!!

At last they kissed.

Although they both had desperately wanted to all rainy evening..

It’s his choice!

when it finally happened it was not so much out of boldness but, rather, because neither of them could think of anything else to say.

It’s his choice,

He found someone, with whom he’s seeing his whole life!

She remain quite!

It’s unusual.

They both really don’t want to leave!

But they can’t stay either!

Destiny has chosen something really different then their plans for them.

It was not their plan!

But tho she has accepted- If falling apart is meant for them, they have to, to grow, to live, to learnt, to reach to the greatness!

She picked up her phone and car keys with her bag!

He witnessed her to go! Without looking back, not even a single time.

He witnessed her to walking towards her car in wet car park.

He picked up his phone up.

And asked his doctor if he can plan surgery.. if this can increase his chances to get him some more time to spend with her.


I don’t like this darkness anymore’She felt his lips on her shoulder, and felt him tightening her body in his embrace.
‘Hmm’ he purred despondently, he creased her hair tried to improvise the storm of his feelings.
Outside, the night was inundated by moonlight. But for him she is the only moon who illuminated the darkness of his life.. she was exquisitely beautiful besides anyone. Her brown thick and silly hairs, her chiseled nose, her pink lips, every single wether of her godly self was wonderful.
‘Am I not beautiful?’ She asked him softly. She knows what would be his answer. ‘The most beautiful girl I have ever seen’.

He planted a passionate kiss on her forehead. She smiled. But his eye reddened, accumulating tears on the surface. He looked at her eyes. How bewitching.
Many years ago-

This couple of brown big eyes had stolen his heart. But one black day, his perfect world got blacked out by pouring deep darkness in to her brown eyes..
The moon who illuminated his world had been tracing the odyssey of relationship though darkness..


There goes the love of my life

Passing by my dreams

It’s been so long since I’ve knocked on his door

Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong

And I can’t sleep 

And I can’t think 

And I will keep driving this long road

Until the darkness fades and the morning rises 

Only three days and lonely nights in between 

I don’t know when can I see him again

It’s been so hard 

Some days I can’t wake up 

Some days I fall apart 

But he has never felt my dreams

There goes the love of my life 

Had to be broken.

I think..

My heart had to be broken.

It had to be.

It had to be once,

Before I met new me,

It had to be.

It was necessary to be reduced to pieces And fragment..

So that I may truly understand all of me..

The whole me. 

The whole new me..

 I had to put it all back together, 

Together in the ways that felt right..

But in that process of doing so,

Unknowingly, subconsciously –

I Was building a heart.

A heart for that you were waiting for so many lives.

She’s everything in once..

She has the mindset of a Queen.And the heart of a Warrior too.

She has the guts of a Sailor.

And the passions of a Scientist too.

She has the ability to keep calm to follow and the power to rule too.

She has the Gipsy soul and skills of building her own nest too.

Believe me!

She is everything at once.

And too much for everyone who doesn’t deserve her.

She is Me and she is you too.. #meera